Leaders of Change

Paving the way for progress in Northeast Louisiana

Our mission is simple but all-encompassing, “To Create an environment where OUR LOCAL businesses THRIVE!” WOW – We believe in us and that our story is ours. We believe our story is the foundation that creates the environment where our businesses THRIVE!

Our community has an energy and buzz that hasn’t been here in a long time. This generation is collectively and collaboratively writing new chapters for our story daily. Our community is changing before our eyes. To paraphrase Winston Churchill – This is our finest hour.

We are unapologetic about who we are and will not let anyone position us into something we are not. We take ownership of our story and believe someone must take the lead in celebrating it. That’s why we’ve enlisted our Leaders of Change as catalysts, spreading our message throughout our community and beyond and inspiring us to take pride in ourselves and our work. These Change Agents are active, enthusiastic, and ready to share why every day is a BEAUTIFUL day in Monroe, Ouachita Parish, and the rest of Northeast Louisiana.

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Origin Bank

Mid South Extrusion

Heard McElroy & Vestal

Etheridge Pipeline and Conduit


Etheridge Pipeline and Conduit

Heard, Mcelroy, and Vestal

Holyfield Inc


St. Francis Health

Origin Bank

Origin Bank